Team Competitions



Essex Golf Union will be running the Essex Competitions this year 2023 :

Team Captains


Bill Robinson                                  

Thornton Cup  to be played on 30th April 2023

The Burstead   v    Maylands  (LOST)

The First Round of The Plate  to be played on 28th May 2023

Maylands  v  The Rayleigh Club


Brett Ward                                      

Leslie Wood to be played on 16th April 2023

1st Round  Maylands   v   Castle Point  (WON)

2nd Round  Maylands  v   South Essex

To be played on 14th May 2023


Steve Lowley                                     

Seniors Team comp to be played by 21st April 2023

1st Round  Maylands v Orsett  (WON)

2nd Round  Maylands  v Boyce Hill

To be played by 19th May 2023


Allan Hutchison (Home)                  

Bob Powley (Away)

Norman Plum to be played by Sunday 30th April 2023

Top Meadow v Maylands  (WON)

2nd Round

Maylands    v    The Warren

To be played on 28th May 2023