Knock Out Competitions

Charles Diebel Marcantonio Ian Mead Trophy Jubilee Foursomes Jeanne BellIan Alcock 


Congratulations to all the Winners of our KO Competitions.

The Charles Diebel Winner….Chris Wenn

The Marcantonio Winners….Colin Gough & Dan Gough

The Jubilee Foursomes Winners….Jose Carrasco & Mel Jones

The Jeannie Bell Winners….Joe Sullivan & Diane Johnson

The Ian Mead Trophy Winner….Bill Robinson



Registration / Entry for all these competitions will open on 1st March 2024

Please note :

Playing Handicap Limit for Men is 24 Higher HCP players can play but are restricted to 24

The fee for entry is £5 per person.

50% of this fee will go to the winner(s) of each competition.

The remaining 50% of these fees goes into members funds which is held by your committee to run events throughout the year. (Note: We do not receive any direct funding from Luddingtons Ltd these competition fees are our only source of income for the club members)

Entries :

FINALS DAY for these competitions will be held over the weekend of 5th  October 2024 (Note: 5 or 6 day Finalist members will be allowed to play without any cost implications on Finals weekend.)


Matches to start in May 2024

Updated March 2024 Bill Robinson