Knock Out Competitions

Charles Diebel Marcantonio Ian Mead Trophy Jubilee Foursomes Jeanne Bell


Registration / Entry for all these competitions will open on 1st March 2023

Please note :

Playing Handicap Limit for Men is 24 Higher HCP players can play but are restricted to 24

The fee for entry is £4 per person.

50% of this fee we go to the winner(s) of each competition.

The remaining 50% of the fee is put into members funds which is held by your committee to run events throughout the year. (Note: We do not receive any direct funding from Luddingtons Ltd these competition fees are our only source of income for the club members)

Entries :

FINALS DAY for these competitions will be held over the weekend of 8th  October 2023 (Note: 5 or 6 day Finalist members will be allowed to play without any cost implications on Finals weekend.)


Matches to start in May 2023

Updated 9th May  2023 Bill Robinson