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Maylands Major Competition Dates :


Saturday 19th June 2021


Saturday 24th July 2021   Postponed till 31st July


Sunday 22nd August 2021


Sunday 26th September 2021



Thorndon Cup : Captain Chris Gladwin (Scratch team competition)

Leslie Wood Trophy : Captain Mark Shepherd (Min HCP 6.0 max 12.0 Team Competition)

Essex Seniors Over 55 : Steve Lowley (Max HCP 15.0 Team competition)

Essex Seniors team trial will be on Wednesday 14th April 9:30am, please advise Steve Lowley or speak to the Pro Shop if you are interested.

Updated 6th April 2021 Bill Robinson



Welcome back, its been a long time away so I hope you are all well and kept safe.

I took the time to look at and update the Maylands golf club website.

My intention is to keep it updated with a diary of competitions, results and general news.

The diaries are being issued but please check the website and the ProShop for competition dates as we are likely to make changes to ensure we play all our major competitions.

We will be running the Jeanne Bell, Marcantonio, Deibel, Five Day Members and Jubilee Foursomes again this year.

I plan to have notices out very soon with a proposed end date for entries at the end of April. It was very successful last year in difficult circumstances and once again Steve Lowley will be on your case to ensure more success this year.

So please check out the website any thoughts or comments you can email me NOT reply to this email at

Enjoy the weather whilst it last and lets hope we have an uninterrupted summer of golf.



Acting Club Secretary




Please note that the Practice Field is not allowed to be used under the current Government Coronavirus restrictions.

The Club have been warned when the Police visited recently and individuals and the Club could be fined.

Updated 13th March 2021……….Bill Robinson