The Charles Diebel

The Charles Diebel Trophy

Presented in 1938 by Mt Charles Diebel. This is a mens singles knock out competition .

A handicap match play competition with Full allowance of difference in players handicaps.

World Handicap System (WHS) competition allowance is 100%

Played of of the White Tees (Slope 122)

Therefore handicap calculation =  Slope / 113  x  HCP index

  • 1st Round Draw (TO BE COMPLETED BY 13th JUNE 2021)
  • Chris Wenn                         v    Tom Shepherd
  • Dean Humphreys              v    Barry Tucker
  • Dave Randall                      v    Len Navin
  • Steve Lowley                       v    Richard O’Connor
  • Terry Guymer                     v    Alan Ward
  • Matt Hawkes                        v     Colin Gough
  • Gary Zuber                          v     Brian Mailey
  • Cornelius Joseph               v     BYE
  • Tony Ward                          v     BYE
  • Melvyn Jones                     v     BYE
  • Rob Fitch                            v     BYE
  • Bob Powley                        v     BYE
  • Brett Ward                         v     BYE
  • Mark Shepherd                 v     BYE
  • Jose Carrasco                    v     BYE
  • Trevor Markham              v     BYE