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12th May 2020 : Following the Governments latest update on the current lockdown we are now able to return to the golf course as of Wednesday 13th May 2020. We must still follow the governments and England Golf Union guidelines “Stay Safe Play Safe” .

Please contact Darren or James to book a tee time, you cannot just turn up and play.

6th May 2020 the view from the First Tee, looking good and waiting for us to return.


5th May 2020 Thanks to Clare some pictures of what awaits for our return.



Plus the refurbishment of the Ladies and Gents toilets at the front entrance.


4th May 2020 : Still no confirmed news on Golf Clubs opening, the Government may announce more on Thursday.

2nd May 2020 : New newsletter from Club Captain Rob Fitch added in Newsletter section

30th April 2020 : Pictures of the great work being carried out by Chris Gladwin on the old weather vane /clock/spire.