Local Rules 2022



For revised Local Rules refer to Club Noticeboard


1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

When all of ball lies beyond the line between the nearest inside point of any boundary fence
posts, stakes or white posts, hedges and on the far bank and beyond of all boundary ditches.


1st Hole:     To the right of nearest inside point of white posts (as well as the far bank and beyond of the ditch

at right angles to the fairway from that point).

2nd Hole:  To the right of nearest inside point of white posts.

3rd Hole:   Beyond the boundary fence

4th Hole:   Beyond the ditch to the right of the hole.

5th Hole:   In or over the river on the right.

6th Hole:   Beyond the boundary ditch and hedge.

7th Hole:   Beyond the boundary ditch on the right of the hole.

10th Hole: Beyond the white posts onto 17th and 18th.

13th Hole: Beyond white posts on right side of 13th and onto the 14th hole.

16th Hole: Beyond ditch on the right.

17th Hole: Beyond white posts right side of 17th onto practice field.

18th Hole: On or beyond the putting green or tea lawn on left. And on the surfaced car park.


2. Immovable Obstructions

All wooden shelters, surfaced roads and paths, water fountain near 8th tee, any
greenkeeping equipment and
indicator posts – Rule 16.1. All trees supported by a stake or protected by a wire guard or

3. Stones in Bunkers (Rule 12.2.a)

These are movable obstructions and may be removed.

4. Deer prints in Bunkers

Hoof prints are ground under repair. If such a condition interferes with the lie of the ball or
the area of intended swing, the player may proceed under 16.1

5. Drains and Tractor Marks

A ball on a mole drain or tractor marks may be lifted and dropped without penalty not
nearer the hole and with one club-length of nearest point of relief (Rule 16-1).

6. Lateral Water Penalty Areas (Rule 17-1.d)

All ditches are deemed to be red penalty areas unless otherwise marked.

7. Water Penalty Areas (Rule 17.1d)

All water penalty areas are denoted by yellow posts.

8.  Tree Roots (MLR 8.F.9)

Relief may be taken from tree roots through the green (whole golf course).  Nearest point of
relief  ball ONLY.

9.  Plastic Hole Caps

You may take relief for line and stance.  Nearest point of relief ONLY.

10.  18th Ground Under Repair

Between the two white lines to the left hand side of the 18th fairway where the old path is,
is now GUR and you may get a free drop.  NEAREST POINT OF RELIEF ONE CLUB LENGTH.
You are allowed to play from the GUR if you wish.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule:
Match Play – Loss of Hole
Stroke Play – Two Strokes