Competition Results 2021


                       Ladies Competitions 2021


Sue Gill – Golfer of the Year

Helon Hamilton – Mrs Howell – Rose Bowl

Sue Gill –  Carpet Baggers

Pauline Huckins –  Grace Harrington

Glennis Copleston – Phylis Stillwell

Pat Field – Ruby Page

Pauline Huckins – Susie Cooper

Sue Gill – Captain’s Club

Pat Zuber – Eclectic 30-54 HCP

Glennis Copleston – Club Championship HCP

Glennis Copleston – Birdie Tree

Sue Gill – Truloves

Sally Hickson/Pat Zuber – Tommy Lazell










Golfer of the Year


Sue Gill


Tommy Lazell


Sally Hickson and Pat Zuber


Mrs Howell – Rose Bowl


Helon Hamilton


Carpet Baggers


Sue Gill


Grace Harrington


Pauline Huckins


Phylis Stillwell


Glennis Copleston


Susie Cooper


Pauline Huckins


Captain’s Club


Sue Gill


Birdie Tree


Glennis Copleston


Eclectic 30-54 HCP


Pat Zuber


Autumn Meeting


Glennis Copleston


Past Captain’s Day


Diane Johnson


Trulove and Strivers


Sue Gill (Trulove)

Suzanne Pye (Strivers) – won on C/B. Runner-Up: Nisha Mehta


Ladies Club Championship (27 Holes)


Brenda Schultz (Medal). Glennis Copleston (Handicap)


Ida Bunting



Sue Gill

  Lady Captain


Brenda Schultz
  Ruby Page


Pat Field (checked manually)
  Daily Mail Foursomes


Sue Gill and Sheila Wood