Five Day Members

The Five Day Members Trophy

Introduced in 2019 by Club Captain Steve Lowley.

  • Singles knockout competition for 5 day members
  • Match Play format over 18 Holes (Sudden Death if required)
  • Full Handicap allowance
  • WHS Competition allowance 100%

( 20 HandicapperĀ  vĀ  14 Handicapper, the 20 Handicapper get 6 strokes, 1 stroke on stroke index holes 1 to 6 )

  • Played off White Tees


  • First Round Played By 30th May 2021
    Allan Hutchison v Colin McRie
    Keith Flaxman v Peter Van Dyke
    Dave Simpson v Clive Gray
    Terry Guymer v Ritchie O’Connor
    Trevor Markham v Alex Jordon
    Tim Lewis v Steve Watson
    2nd Round Played by 30th June 2021
    Allan Hutchison or Colin McRie v Steve Lowley
    Keith Flaxman or Peter Van Dyke v Ray Griffths
    Terry Guymer or Ritchie O’Connor v Matt Dilworth
    Dave Simpson or Clive Gray v Martin Smith
    Trevor Markham or Alex Jordon v Tony Mullen
    Tim Lewis or Steve Watson v Ian Piggott
    Ross Gulmatt v Paul Jordon
    Mario Cifaldi v Kev Reece

    Updated Bill Robinson 10th May 2021